FBA Boardroom Series Luncheon – US Secret Service

For our third Boardroom Series luncheon of the summer, the FBA was pleased to host South Florida’s Secret Service’s Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge Brian Deer.   Agent Deer was a fascinating and engaging guest.

Agent Deer began by discussing the history and origins of the Secret Service, which stemmed from multiple currencies being issued by various states during the time of the Civil War and how these multiple currencies bred a culture for counterfeiting.  Agent Deer then explained that given the Secret Service’s success in this arena, the agency was latter tapped to provide protective detail for Presidents after Congress sought a solution to 3 Presidential assassinations in the latter part of the 19th century and the turn of the century.

Agent Deer explained that to this day these two missions are the focus of the Secret Service, but encompass a far wider swath then what they originally entailed.   The Secret Service’s protective detail requirement includes Presidents, Vice-Presidents, their families, all candidates for President, former Presidents, and all visiting foreign heads of state should they request protection.  Agent Deer also shared with us how the Secret Service utilizes many methods and techniques to neutralize threats.  As for the Secret Service’s other mission of investigating financial crimes, identify theft and other related crimes, Agent Deer gave us tremendous insight into the Agency’s mission, dedication and approach.

Agent Deer also shared with us his personal story, and how after 9/11, he was determined to be a federal law enforcement officer and the process he went through to become a Secret Service Agent.

Agent Deer graciously answered many questions that we had, and for each one, took the time and care to provide true insider insight.

Thank you Agent Deer and thank you to everyone who attended!

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  • Date: August 17, 2017