FBA Hyatt Lunch – Professor Wasserman, FIU Law

On Wednesday, October 17, 2018 we welcomed FIU Professor Howard Wasserman for our first Hyatt Luncheon of the year. Professor Wasserman, who has written extensively in the areas of constitutional and civil rights litigation, delivered a fascinating presentation on Injunctions, Precedent, and Judicial Departmentalism: A Model of Constitutional Litigation. The talk identified five principles to guide constitutional litigation and adjudication, including limitations on the scope of injunctions, rejection of so-called nationwide (or universal) injunctions, and recognition of a form of departmentalism that leaves all three branches with independent authority to interpret the Constitution. Professor Wasserman then explained how those principles guide constitutional adjudication in current and future cases, and offered specific examples of recent and historic constitutional litigation to show how it has proceeded under these principles. The presentation concluded with questions from the audience on, among other things, the practical implications of such limitations on injunctions, access to courts, and some of the Professor’s recent publications.

CLE was provided.

A big thank you to Professor Wasserman for his presentation, and to all the members of our judiciary, Dean Antony Page from FIU Law, our law students members from St. Thomas, FIU and University of Miami, and members of the bar who attended!


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  • Date: October 17, 2018