FBA Hyatt Lunch With Amy Howe

On November 14, 2018, we welcomed back (for the seventh time!) Amy Howe, Esq., reporter and former editor of SCOTUSblog, now affiliated via “Howe on the Court.”  Amy began by discussing Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation and the attention it has brought on the Court.   She noted that within the Court, it is now business as usual, and all Justices get along and are working well together.  Historically, the Court has rebounded from the perception of politicization, and there is no reason to believe the same will not happen this time.   Amy addressed whether the Court will fade away from public view and addressed whether the Court is and will avoid controversial cases in an attempt to stay under the radar.

Amy then transitioned to discussing the cases the Court has heard and the ramifications of the potential rulings.   Issues such as Separation of Church and State, the death penalty, gerrymandering, the arguable monopoly of placing apps on iPhones through Apple, the Separate Sovereignty Doctrine and its potential ramifications in the Mueller probe, the Excessive Fines Clause application to states, and the Armed Career Criminal Act.

Amy concluded by previewing potential issues the Court will laddress, including those of LGBTQ, DACA, and gerrymandering again.   Amy was then kind enough to take questions from the audience.

At the conclusion, Chapter President David Weinstein presented Amy with her very own Bobblehead!

Thank you to everyone who attended, and thanks to Amy for once again sharing her wisdom and insight with us.  See everyone next year!



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