FBA Luncheon at the Hyatt: U.S. District Judge Federico A. Moreno

On May 2 2019, the FBA South Florida Chapter welcomed District Judge Federico Moreno to present, “Believe it or not: real cases in the REAL Southern District.”

Judge Moreno immediately delivered on the content promised by the title of his discussion.  His first story involved a case about the attempted kidnapping of a gorilla at Miami Zoo (formerly known as Metro Zoo).  The attempt was stymied when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service had a government agent dress up in a gorilla suit.  As Judge Moreno observed, like with operations involving narcotics, the government agents did not want to take the risk of “letting the gorilla walk.”

Moving into the world of celebrities, Judge Moreno talked about a case that involved socialite Paris Hilton.  Judge Moreno’s self-admitted shortage of pop culture knowledge had him scrambling to decipher the significance of Ms. Hilton’s testimony about her “BFF.”  Some clarity was provided when Ms. Hilton spontaneously declared that Judge Moreno was the “BJF,” or “Best Judge Forever.”

There was also the time when the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel called his chambers to discuss the involvement of one of his former clerks in the reality television show “The Bachelorette.”  Although Judge Moreno was more interested in talking about the quality of the former clerk’s legal work, the newspaper wanted to know whether Judge Moreno considered the clerk, “handsome.”  The question  had to be objectively answered in the affirmative.

Questions from the crowd underscored how much the work of the court has changed over the years and the challenges that new federal judges, including recently confirmed Judge Rudy Ruiz, a former Judge Moreno clerk, will face.  Judge Moreno’s advice was to enjoy the best legal job a person can have.

A special thank you to Judge Moreno and to everyone who attended!

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  • Date: May 2, 2019