FBA Hyatt Luncheon-The Courts and Election Year Politics

On April 13, 2016, we were honored to welcome Bruce Moyer, Counsel for Government Relations to the Federal Bar Association, who spoke on, “The Courts and Election Year Politics,” and will include a discussion regarding the vacancies on the Supreme Court and other federal courts.

Mr. Moyer first praised our Chapter, who along with other Florida FBA Chapters and other organizations, have championed for judicial vacancies to be filled by the U.S. Senate.  Mr. Moyer then detailed the District Court and Circuit Court vacancies throughout the United States, and then, given the audience, paid particular attention to the Eleventh Circuit and the Southern District of Florida.  Mr. Moyer explained the political process required for consideration and the politics that go into allowing a judicial nominee to be considered for approval.  Mr. Moyer then turned his attention to the vacancy on the Supreme Court, and gave a fascinating historical rendition on the history of vacancies of the Court, how long they lasted, and how they were eventually resolved.  Mr. Moyer then explained the political nuances involved with the current Supreme Court nominee.  Mr. Moyer was kind enough to field questions at the end on what was undoubtedly a very sensitive topic for discussion.

Thank you to Mr. Moyer, all the judges in attendance, and to all of the members as well!    This was our final luncheon of the season, and we’ll pick up back in the fall.  Stay tuned for many upcoming events over the next few months, including CLEs and brown-bag lunches with our local members of Congress.


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  • Date: April 13, 2016