Hyatt Luncheon – Images With Impact

On Wednesday, April 11, 2018, in conjunction with the Florida Association for Women Lawyers, Miami-Dade Chapter, our featured speaker was Kerri Ruttenberg, Esq. of Jones Day, where her presentation topic was Effective Trial & Presentation Visuals.  Ms. Ruttenberg was highly informative and entertaining, and spoke to over 100 attendees!

Ms. Ruttenberg began by doing a demonstration on visual line of sight.  She then delved into the many facets of what makes a graphic presentation for a jury or judge effective and what does not.  She focused on a number of issues, such as ‘one concept per slide,’ font and size, eliminating excess on slides, making sure legends and keys are clear and purposeful, and effective use of timelines, amongst many others.  Ms. Ruttenberg then focused on graphic design, including alignment, proximity and contrast.  She then highlighted the pitfalls of presenting misleading visuals and instructed on how to spot when opposing counsel attempts to use them.   Ms. Ruttenberg was gracious enough to take several questions from the audience where she provided her views on animation and audio, and also shared feedback she has received from various juries over the years.  Ms. Ruttenberg demonstrated a mastery and passion for her craft, and presented it in a dynamic way.   Our last luncheon of the season was thus a great success!

Thank you to Ms. Ruttenberg for coming down to Miami to give her presentation, and thanks to all our Judges, members of the bar and law students who attended!





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  • Date: April 11, 2018