Law Day 2015

On Friday May 1st, the FBA, in conjunction with the United States District Court, and the Florida Bar Standing Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, under the coordination of the Honorable Laurel M. Isicoff, United States Bankruptcy Judge, the Honorable Beth Bloom, United States District Judge, and Matt Dietz, Litigation Director for the Disability Independence Insurance Group, Inc., participated in the Southern District of Florida’s Inaugural Law Day celebration. With the support and coordination of the Miami-Dade School Board Attorney’s Office, students from Hialeah High School and Miami Central High School came to the James Lawrence King Federal Justice Building for a day of activities. It was a resounding success!

The students were first welcomed by Judge Isicoff and were given copies of the Constitution and the Magna Carta in the Honorable Magistrate Judge Edwin G. Torres’ courtroom. Judge Isicoff’s law clerk, Clay Roberts, then provided an overview of the Magna Carta and its history to the students.

Following this, Russell Koonin, Senior Trial Counsel for the SEC, and former AUSA, presented “Dialogues on Freedom,” where he focused on the Fourth Amendment, and the contours of its balance of privacy rights versus the interest of law enforcement. The students were engaged and interactive throughout.

The students then moved to the Honorable Barry L. Garber’s courtroom where they viewed actual Magistrate Court, and were privy to various arguments on bond and pre-trial detention, amongst other matters. Judge Garber then engaged the students afterward about what they had witnessed.

Following this, the students were treated to a mock trial presentation by AUSA Vanessa Snyder and AFPD Sowmya Bharathi, with Marissel Descalzo Esq. of Carlton Fields Jordan Burt, and Scott Brown, Esq., of Bast Amron, and current Bankruptcy Bar President, acting as witnesses. The issue at trial was whether a search of a student’s locker, given many attenuating circumstances relating to vandalism, was permitted absent a search warrant. Everyone enjoyed watching the trial. Lunch was then provided.

Following this, in Judge Torres’ courtroom, there was a panel discussion. The panelists were Judge Torres, AUSA Dan Matzin, Senior Assistant City of Miami Attorney Henry Hunnefeld, and Monique Hayes, Esq., of Genovese, Joblove & Battista, P.A., with Candace Duff, Esq., FBA South FL Chapter President, moderating. The panelists spoke on various topics related to their life experiences, their experiences in the law, and gave the students advice on how to succeed in the future. Once again, the students were very interactive, and were full of questions, which the panelists (and moderator) fielded with delight.

We at the FBA were honored to be asked to participate in such a wonderful event, and look forward to next year!

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  • Date: May 1, 2015